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Packaging is only successful and safe if you make the right choice for different type of items to be shipped. The type of packaging has a big influence on your customer. These days, people make unboxing videos of items they receive and talk about the safety that has been provided by the company to the product. The way a package is being received is catching hype these days, as it determines the concern of a brand towards the safety and branding of their products.

A good safe packaging tells a lot about a brand. The feeling is so great when a customer gets their package and it has reached them safely and no damage has been occurred. If by any means the product is damaged or the packaging does not look safe or good enough , it brings bad name to a brand and chances are the customer never buys again from the same brand. A customer uses their right to post an honest review, or write on their blogs, or post a story on instagram telling how they received a damaged product after spending a lot of money etc. and other people do take the suggestions seriously.

So, in short, one damaged product reached to one customer means your company’s name and work will be compromised. You can lose customers and their trust. Social media spreads news way faster. This leaves no room for a poor packaging. Let’s learn how you can make the right decision and choice for packaging of different products.


Cardboard boxes are a terrific option to ensure a good packaging. Cardboard material is lightweight but is strong and sturdy. It has different layers which are curved and provide extra support. If it falls, the extra layers gives a bounce affect and protects the products from any sort of damage.

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But still, for some products cardboard boxes are not considered, as they can be prone to damage. You can ensure double safety by adding bubble wraps inside, or adding peanuts, crumpled paper, air pouches. This lets a small item contained in the box. It also prevents any movement of the product inside the box. You can add safety to the product as much as you want. Make sure the product has full protection.

Cardboard boxes come in all shapes and sizes. There are boxes for refrigerator, AC units, electronics, crockery and smaller items like perfumes, medicines, mobile phones, cutlery, glass items, décor, makeup, skincare serums and the list goes on. Different materials are suited for different products.

Choosing the right size is another important step. Do not choose a too big or too small size for your products. It can be hard to get customized boxes for every size. So, you can choose the closest possible size and then add the necessary protection such as air bags, bubble wraps, foams, peanuts etc. Add powerful taping on the front opening and also on the sides. You can also use shrink film or stretch wraps to wrap the box if there is a suspicion of its opening.

Cardboard boxes are environment friendly. Customers can even make diy projects out of it. Cardboard boxes are a healthy safe option for both customers and environment. They are recyclable which makes them a favourite choice.


Mailers or envelopes are a fun choice for packaging industry. They are super lightweight, does not cost much shipping charges and perfect for clothes and such products which do not require boxes. Mailing envelopes also save you from adding extra bubble wraps, crumpled paper or peanuts. Items which do not need any protection from falling are best to be shipped inside mailers.

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Mailers are also available in multiple sizes and types. They can carry items with proper safety and keep them protected from dust, moisture, water. Any item which has less weight and will not be damaged during movement or shipment processes can easily be packed in mailing envelopes. On the other hand, if some products need a little protection but a cardboard box is too big for it, you can easily go for a bubble mailer. Bubble mailing envelopes come with inside lining of bubble wraps to provide a cushion affect and utmost protection from any type of rough shipment.


You can get your cardboard boxes and mailing envelopes customized by putting your brand name over it. You can ad colors to different sizes or create a theme. Just put your logo or put any sweet line that may cheer up your customers. This can become a trademark of your brand and will make your brand unique among others.








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